Why Test series?

  • Many of us have the tendency of keep delaying the things unless there is a deadline.
  • We don't understand the time we have, and time we need to prepare unless there is a schedule.
  • We cant judge ourselves unless we attempt to TEST. As we are starting early, we will have enough time to improve our skills based on the results/ feedback.
  • Some times, we might get the RIGHT answer, but there could be other techniques, which will help to solve the same problem in an easier/faster way. So Its a great time to start knowing the others ideas and techniques from discussion forum

About GATEBOOK Tests:

  • Questions will be opened for discussion on next day, and key will be published in a day. Once the ranks are announced you would able to check your results in Taken Exams.
  • Tests will be available to attempt till GATE 2021, but they will not be considered for Ranking
  • Ranking will be given only for Grand and Mock Tests, not for Topic tests
SubjectTopic# Days for preparationTest Date
DigitalBoolean algebra3May 2
Combinational circuits3May 5
Sequential circuits-13May 8
Test on whole Digital3May 11
Basics MathsLinear algebra4May 15
Calculas4May 19
Computer OrganizationBasics and ALU3May 22
Addressing Modes2May 24
Control Unit4May 28
Pipelining4June 1
Memory and I/O4June 5
Grand TestsDigital3June 8
Basics Maths2June 10
Computer Organization4June 14
DM and ProbabilityPL & FOL3June 17
Combinatorics4June 21
Sets, Relations and Functions3June 24
Groups and Lattice3June 27
Graphs4July 1
Recurrence Relations2July 7
DSAC Programming4July 11
Arrays, LL, Stacks and Queues3July 14
Trees3July 17
Searching and Sorting3July 30
Dynamic prog, Greedy3July 23
Graph Algos and Hashing4July 27
TOCRegular Languages4July 31
CFL4Aug 5
Turing machines & Decidability5Aug 10
Properties of languages3Aug 13
RevisionDM5Aug 18
DSA5Aug 23
TOC3Aug 28
DBMSER Diagrams, SQL, Relational Algebra, TRC3Aug 31
Normalization3Sep 3
Indexing4Sep 7
Transactions and concurrency4Sep 11
OSIntro and process scheduling4Sep 15
Process synchronization and deadlocks5Sep 20
Memory management4Sep 24
File systems4Sep 28
CNIntro and Data Link Layers5Oct 2
Network Layer5Oct 7
Transport Layer5Oct 12
Application Layer and Network Security3Oct 15
CompilersLexical analysis3Oct 18
Syntax analysis4Oct 22
SDT3Oct 25
Run time environment and Intermediate code generation3Oct 28

Grand Tests

SubjectTest Date
DigitalNov 17
Basic MathsNov 20
CONov 25
DM and ProbabilityNov 30
DSADec 6
TOCDec 11
DBMSDec 16
OSDec 21
CNDec 26
CompilersDec 31
AptitudeJan 5

Mock Tests

SubjectTest Date
Test 1Jan 13
Test 2Jan 18
Test 3Feb 1