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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have self motivation to prepare and have confidence that you can resolve all your doubts related to previous GATE questions and textbook problems for that matter any standard question then join ProGATE course.
  • If you have any questions related to videos will be answered. You need to post questions under the video.
  • If you usually get many questions while studying the topic  and are weak in understanding the concepts then Join MissionIIT course. In the MissionIIT course through discussions and assignments your mathematical abilities will be improved. 


Once payment is done username and password will be sent to your mail id. 

Validity of the ProGATE/MissionIIT course is one year. That means if you buy today then after one year the same day will be the last date for the course to get expired. 


In the test series page schedule of the test series is given. You can follow that schedule and plan your preparation.

  • ProGATE course and MissionIIT course both contain videos.
  • In both courses doubts will be answered under the videos. 
  • In MissionIIT courses students will be supported by extensive doubt clarification mechanism. You will be given a schedule to follow and assignments will be given to check how you are performing and what are the basic mistakes in your reasoning. Through mentor support they will be rectified. Ask any question and get the solution in an hour time on average to speed up your preparation.  Please watch the video below to understand the idea behind MissionIIT. 


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