GATEBOOK Test series for GATE CS 2019 (Price-2,000₹ : Click here to pay)

Why Test series?

  • Many of have the tendency of keep delaying the things unless there is a deadline.
  • We don’t understand the time we have, and time we need to prepare unless there is a schedule.
  • We cant judge ourselves unless we attempt to TEST. As we are starting early, we will have enough time to improve our skills based on the results/ feedback.
  • Some times, we might get the RIGHT answer, but there could be other techniques, which will help to solve the same problem in an easier/faster way. So Its a great time to start knowing the others ideas and techniques from discussion forum.

Test Series schedule:

Test series schedule Topic-wise tests Grand Test-1 Grand Test-2 Mock Tests
Discrete Maths 15-Aug 1-Nov 18-Dec Will update the exact schedule in December
Computer Networks 15-25 Aug 5-Nov 21-Dec
DSA 3-15 Aug 10-Nov 24-Dec
TOC 3-11 Sep 15-Nov 27-Dec
Digital 13-19 Sep 18-Nov 30-Dec
CO 25 Sep-5Oct 22-Nov 2-Jan
OS 22Oct- 1Nov 27-Nov 5-Jan
DBMS 6-13 Nov 2-Dec 8-Jan
Basic Maths 16-23 Nov 5-Dec 10-Jan
Compilers 25-30 Nov 10-Dec 12-Jan
Aptitude 15-Dec 12-Jan

*Tests will be available to attempt till GATE 2019, but they will not be considered for Ranking

* Ranking will be given only for Grand and Mock Tests, not for topic tests


Topic tests schedule(will update it for remaining subjects once first set is done):

Subject Topics and Test Dates
Discrete Maths Logic Combinatorics Graphs, trees Sets, functions, relations, lattice Group theory
DSA C, parameter passing, scope and extent, Asymptotic notations Arrays, stacks, queues,Linked Lists Tress and graphs Search and Sort Algo techniques
and Hashing
3-Aug 6-Aug 9-Aug 12-Aug 15-Aug
Computer Networks Data link and Physical Network Transport Application & Netwrok security
18-Aug 22-Aug 24-Aug 26-Aug
TOC Regular Languages CFL Decidability and Turing machine Language properties
3-Sep 6-Sep 9-Sep 11-Sep
Digital Boolean Algebra Combinational circuits Sequential circuits
13-Sep 16-Sep 19-Sep
Computer Organization Number representations ALU, data path, control unit Pipelining Memory I/O
25-Sep 28-Sep 1-Oct 3-Oct 5-Oct