Sudeshna Chaudhuri – AIR 308

I appeared for Gate’18 for the 1st time. Exams were round the corner when I ran into Kiran Sir’s videos on YouTube. After watching few lectures I got wise to the fact that that I knew so less! The way he teaches every concept worked like a charm! The lectures were addictive as well. I was convinced that if unfortunately my Gate’18 does not go well, then I would join the GATEBOOK course for Gate’19.

Eventually I couldn’t secure a rank (>1000) good enough to get me into my desired IITs.  Even though I had planned my next steps, I was really upset.

After taking some time off from studies, I somehow collected myself. As initially planned, I enrolled my name in the course. One by one, I watched all his lectures. Each of the concepts was so beautifully explained! Topics which earlier seemed to be so shady finally started to make sense. I could finally start to shrug off my fears! Future aspirants should not miss out on the participation in GATEBOOK discussion forum as it is a great platform for enhancement of your existing knowledge.

I found test series as well as the practice questions tougher than any other test series. Solving them would definitely boost your confidence while you sit for the exam. The tougher one solves the more knowledge one gains. I unfortunately could not finish them due to lack of time.

I would like to thank Kiran Sir, Laxmi Ma’am, Pradeep Sir, Suresh Sir and Sunita Ma’am for making such beautiful lectures. Without their help, I could not have secured AIR 308 (marks 68, score 777) in Gate’19.

I know this rank does not seem quite promising and I could have done better, but to say the least, the course had a huge contribution. The rest depends on an individual- how much “extra” he/she can put in. Stay focused. All the Best