Sachin Mittal GATE AIR 33

First of all i cant thank you enough for making dry subjects interesting. These lectures really gave me a depth insight of each topic in every subject. I never knew that attending gatebook lectures would turn out to be my best decision till date.I started watching from Discreet maths and fell for it from first day itself.
Though no one can get one digit rank without self efforts and using coaching only. and i too will not get one digit rank this year, as i did not put required efforts (enough practice) and did mistakes in exams. But i strongly believe that if One attends your lectures and practice all previous year questions with good understanding then no force can stop him/her to get one digit rank.
Apart from your teaching please accept my thank for always assisting, guiding and clarifying personal doubts. Thank you so much for being so helpful and kind.
To all future aspirants i will say focus on concept building and practice enough. Best of luck