Why Test series?

  • Many of us have the tendency of keep delaying the things unless there is a deadline.
  • We don't understand the time we have, and time we need to prepare unless there is a schedule.
  • We cant judge ourselves unless we attempt to TEST. As we are starting early, we will have enough time to improve our skills based on the results/ feedback.
  • Some times, we might get the RIGHT answer, but there could be other techniques, which will help to solve the same problem in an easier/faster way. So Its a great time to start knowing the others ideas and techniques from discussion forum

About GATEBOOK Tests:

  • Questions will be opened for discussion on next day, and key will be published in a day. Once the ranks are announced you would able to check your results in Taken Exams.
  • Tests will be available to attempt till GATE 2022, but they will not be considered for Ranking
SubjectTopicTest Date
DigitalBoolean algebraApril 20
Combinational circuitsApril 26
Sequential circuits-1April 30
Basics MathsLinear algebraMay 5
CalculasMay 10
Computer OrganizationBasics and ALUMay 15
Addressing ModesMay 20
Control UnitMay 26
PipeliningJune 1
Memory and I/OJune 5
Grand TestsDigitalJune 8
Basics MathsJune 10
Computer OrganizationJune 14
DM and ProbabilityPL & FOLJune 17
CombinatoricsJune 21
Sets, Relations and FunctionsJune 24
Groups and LatticeJune 27
GraphsJuly 1
Recurrence RelationsJuly 7
DSAC ProgrammingJuly 11
Arrays, LL, Stacks and QueuesJuly 14
TreesJuly 17
Searching and SortingJuly 30
Dynamic prog, GreedyJuly 23
Graph Algos and HashingJuly 27
TOCRegular LanguagesJuly 31
CFLAug 5
Turing machines & DecidabilityAug 10
Properties of languagesAug 13
RevisionDMAug 18
DSAAug 23
TOCAug 28
DBMSER Diagrams, SQL, Relational Algebra, TRCAug 31
NormalizationSep 3
IndexingSep 7
Transactions and concurrencySep 11
OSIntro and process schedulingSep 15
Process synchronization and deadlocksSep 20
Memory managementSep 24
File systemsSep 28
CNIntro and Data Link LayersOct 2
IP address and SubnettingOct 7
Transport and Network LayerOct 12
CompilersLexical analysisOct 18
Syntax analysisOct 22
SDT and Runtime EnvironmentOct 25
IR and OptimizationOct 28
Grand TestsDBMSNov 2
Operating SystemNov 5
Computer NetworksNov 8 *
CompilersNov 11 *

Mock Tests & Full Test

SubjectTest Date
Mock 1 (Open for everyone)Dec 15
Mock 2Dec 25
Mock 3 (Open for everyone)Jan 10
Mock 4Jan 18
Mock 5 (Open for everyone)Feb 1
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