Always remember this when you get demotivated



Read at least one topic or solve 10 to 15 problems every day, which makes difference.

Don’t lose hope and don’t underestimate yourself.

Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses and educational backgrounds.Understand your strengths and overcome the weaknesses and believe that you are going to achieve it. In your preparations there are times you feel that it’s not going to happen. I will tell only one thing to you. You are water, Yes you are water. You are getting heated by your preparation day by day and every day. You can’t see what you can do unless you are heated to 100 degrees, Yes, unless you become stream. Once you are heated to hundred degrees Celsius then you realize you have power to move turbines and generate power. You realize you have content to reach your target, that is, AIR 1.

Follow time table and  hierarchy in your preparation

Write time table and follow seriously. It is very very important thing among all the other things you do while preparing for competitive exam like GATE. if you miss time table then understand the realities behind it and make corrections to your preparation. Ask yourself why you didn’t complete it in the time lines.

In GATE exam some topics are popular and frequently asked. Go through all previous gate questions and identify them. Give sufficiently large time to those topics and less time to non frequent topics. Otherwise complete those topics then later come to non frequent topics.(Usually they are last topics or unrelated topics, skipping them might not let you miss the continuity in your preparation.

Read with intensity

Everyone read from same but perceive it differently. 

Example “in every simple graph there exist at least two vertices of same degree ”

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The people of second category is going to succeed. What about you?

Let’s have GATE pe charcha

Discussions helps you understanding your mistakes in your approach  and let you adapt the various strategies and paradigms other experts following to solve the problems. That means you will look into the problem  with various perceptions.


Don’t quit. You win or lose doesn’t matter. This hard work never goes waste.This efforts will help you in further challenges. In strengthening your career when you take up the job. You will be doing better than what you would have done without  GATE preparation.