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In how many ways can 3 balls of different colours be put in 4 glass cylinders with equal width such that any glass cylinder may have either 0,1,2,3 balls?

and plz explain how this question differs from this ques.

A child has 5 pockets and 4 marbles.In how many ways can the child put the marbles in his pocket?


There is a difference between 2 problems. In first problem balls are of different colors so we should assume them as different objects, where as in second problem they didn’t mention whether marbles are different or similar. By nature marbles, flowers are to be treated as similar objects.

can u provide me the solutions? It will make my doubts clearer as i have tried to solve the questions in various ways but im not sure of the correct answers

sir in the first question arrangement is also performed inside the glass i.e RGB is diffterent from RBG but why?

Generally we do not consider order of the balls while placing them in to box or bag, but we do consider when arranging them in shelf. So arranging balls in to cylinder is subjective, that means it is not fixed. we can solve this problem by assuming in either ways

ok sir thanku

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