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A company produces combination locks, the  combination consist of three numbers from  0 to 39 inclusive . Because of the construction no number can occur twice in a combination. How many different  combinations for locks can be attained?

Couldn’t understand the meaning of the line “the combination consist of three numbers from 0 to 39”? Please clarify.

three numbers are taken from 0 to 39. example of one such combination is 0, 27,39

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total no.s=40

since no repetition is allowed no. of combinations=40c3

these no.s can also be arranged in 3! ways to get different combinations

therefore total combinations=40c3*3!

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First number can be chosen in 40 ways

Second can be chosen in 39 ways (as no repetition is allowed)

Third can be chosen in 38 ways

Answer= 40 x 39 x 38

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