DM - Functions & Relations -Q5

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Let f be one to one function from a set U to set V. Let S \subseteq U and T \subseteq U

f(Y), where Y \subseteq U,  is defined as following : 

f(Y) = \{ a \in V | f(x) = a \text{ for some x }\in Y \}

Now consider the following statements :

S1: f(S\cup T) = f(S)\cup f(T)

S2: f(S\cap T) \subseteq f(S)\cap f(T)

Which of the above statements is TRUE?

(A). Only S1

(B). Only S2

(C), Both S1 and S2

(D). Neither S1 nor S2

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Both S1 and S2 are true. Please note that this statements are true for any function. Function need not be one-one. 

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can you take an example and explain, like sir had explained SUT means married or engineer... for s2 statement