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Consider the following statements

S1 : Define the language SUBCFG to be {(G1, G2): G1 and G2 are CFG's and L(G1) \subseteq L(G2)}. SUBCFG is not Turing decidable.

S2 : Define the language TRTM to be {M: M is a Turing machine and L(M) is Turing Recognizable }. TRTM is Turing decidable. 

Which of the above statement is/are CORRECT ?

A. Only S1

B. Only S2

C. Both S1 and S2

D. Neither S1 nor S2

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Answer : C

S1 : Containment/inclusion problem (subset problem) for CFL's is Undecidable.

S2 : Apply rice's theorem. It is Trivial property so decidable.
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