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Consider the following Graphs:

S1: Graph with n vertices and each vertex has degree n/4

S2: Graph with 20 vertices such that for every 2 vertices x, y ,\text{ }degree(x) + degree(y) \geq19

Which of the following represents hamilton graph?

(A). Only S1

(B). Only S2

(C). Both S1 and S2

(D). Neither S1 nor S2 

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V1 ----------------- V2




the above graph has 4 vertices ie n=4 , and each has a degree of n/4  eq to 1

and its not a hamiltonian graph, Hence Statement 1 is FALSE
answered Jul 15 by tssoumambanerjee-nit (1,040 points)
if in S2 degree(x)+degree(y)>=20 then it is hamiltonian