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S1: A tree with n vertices which has no vertices of degree 2 must have at least (n+2)/2 leaves

S2: The number of trees on 5 labelled vertices is 125.

Which of the following statements is true?

(A). Only S1

(B). Only S2

(C). Only S1 and S2

(D). None of the above

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S1: it is true.

S2: According to Cayley's formula for counting spanning trees, for a complete graph Kn,  
T(Kn)= n^{n-2}  where n is the number of vertices.

\implies T(k_{5}}) = 5^{3} = 125

(C). Only S1 and S2

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lakshman bro, how S1 is false....S1 say- "must have ATLEAST (n+2)/2 leave"
for both above tree, this statement satisfies.
both are true
@tshimanshukashyap1122 ,in general trees possible on 5  labelled vertices would cover all type of trees ,so the no. of binary trees possible on 5 labelled vertices are way more than 125 ,then how S2 is correct?