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Which of the following graphs are isomorphic?

(A). Graph 1 and Graph 4

(B). Graph 2 and Graph 3

(C). Graph 1 and Graph 3

(D). Graph 2 and Graph 4

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(B). Graph 2 and Graph 3

(C). Graph 1 and Graph 3

I think both are right.

@Kiran sir, please verify


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but same degree sequence does not imply that they are isomorphic.
Not having same degree implies that they are not isomorphic

p --> q   is not eq. to its inverse   ~p --> ~q

therefore graph 4 is out of question, but how to differentiate between the graphs 1,2,3
Yes, you are right, I'm trying to find a number of cycles.
I also agree
@Kiran sir please correct it where I'm wrong?
bro in graph 4 f and h both have degree 4
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