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The k -cube is the graph whose vertices are the ordered k -tuples of O's and 1's, two vertices being joined if and only if they differ in exactly one coordinate. 

Consider the following statements about K-cube graph 

S1: It  has 2^K vertices

S2: It has K\times2^{(K-1)} edges 

S3:  It is a bipartite graph 

Which one of the following statements is true?

A. Only S1
B. Only S1, S2
C. Only S1, S3
D. All of S1, S2, and S3

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D is the correct.

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I would like to add the meaning of the ordered k-tuples

k-cube graph means A x A x A  and their ordered pair is given below

(0,0,0) ,  (0,0,1) , (0,1,0)  , (0,1,1)  , (1,0,0)  ,(1,0,1)  ,(1,1,0)  , (1,1,1)

these are the coordinates
Yes, you are right, I write decimal number because of binary takes space.
thanks for the solution
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