DM-Groups and Lattice-Q13

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Let [N,\leq] is a partial order relation defined on natural numbers. Identify the false statement?

(A). [N,\leq] is distributive but not complemented lattice

(B). [N,\leq] is not a lattice

(C). [N,\leq] is not Boolean lattice

(D). Element 1 doesn't have complement

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3 Answers

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B is correct one
answered Jul 9 by tsnikhilsharmagate2018 (18,480 points)
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it is example of total order set that is always distributive
answered Jul 10 by tsankitjha910 (3,640 points)
But here ask which of the following not correct.
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The correct answer is B. We have updated it.
answered Jul 11 by getgatebook (29,960 points)