DM-Groups and Lattice-Q1

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Let G be non-abelian group. Min\{ |G| \} is ---?

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6 is correct one
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i didnt understand the question
can you explain?
How ? May you explain?
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Why a group with 5 elements can not be abelian?
answered Jul 10, 2019 by sudiptasenpro20 (130 points)
Every group with 5 element is abelian group
But in the link the group is taken to be a cyclic group. But in the question it is not mentioned.
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When n=1 the group is a trivial one.

Now every group of prime order is cyclic and hence abelian. Hence groups of n=2,3 and 5 are abelian.

Since every group of order  p^2 (where p is prime) is abelian. Group of order 4= 2^2 is abelian.

Hence every group of order less than or equal to 5 is abelian.

Therefore smallest is 6

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How can you form a group with just 1 element ?
The single element of the trivial group is the identity element.
Can a single element form a "lattice"?
NO. It will not form a lattice.
Can you prove Why size 6 group is not abelian?