DM-Sets,Relations and Functions-Q1

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Consider the following statements
S1: If P(A) subset or equal to P(B) then A subset or equal to B
S2: If A subset or equal to B then P(A) subset or equal to P(B)
Which one of the following statements is TRUE?

(A). Only S1
(B). Only S2
(C). Both S1 and S2
(D). Neither S1 nor S2
asked Jul 5 in Discrete Maths by gbeditor (15,310 points) 2 flags
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Sir in S2 subset or  equal to  B or subset or equal to P(B)?
answered Jul 6 by tsnikhilsharmagate2018 (19,690 points)
this mistake was there in yesterday's test too?
what is the answer?
did the question got modified?, im sure that S2 had P(A) subset or equal to B...
corrected. Please check now.
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Sir there is change in the question. Previously it was only B in S2 and now it's P(B) and because of that there is a change in the answer.
answered Jul 8 by tskushagra-guptacse (11,420 points)
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the question is same as test paper
answered Jul 8 by tsankitjha910 (3,640 points)
We take concepts from text books and standard universities. This concept is taken from Rosen text book.
I am saying that these question make us  to think for sure .
no its not same, earlier the question had B in S2 and now it's P(B) and because of this answer which shiuld have been A is C
i got -0.33 instead of 1 because of this.
also you can check the first comment on this question, it also discussed the same
Thank you ankit for your feedback. I have misinterpreted your feed back. :)
Yes, abhineetsingh, you are correct. We would have given marks for all. We apologize for inconvenience caused.
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why is the marks not showing correctly, total marks are 26 when i open through the result section, all my correct answers have been changed

answered Jul 9 by tsabhineetsingh192 (4,100 points)
My marks also not show correctly all the answer changed now for example my answer in test C but here show D or if my answer is 52 in result show 2 and 52 show in some other problem.

Answer is swap with each other
hmm, wrong answers are locked, the options we didnt save show up as marked answer
Now fix the problem
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same way you can try the second statement.

answered Jul 9 by getgatebook (31,090 points)