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Consider executing the code given below on the pipelined datapath

ADDI R1, R1,4
LOAD R2,100(R1)
ADD R3, R4, R5
LOAD R6,100(R1)
OR R7, R3, R6

How many cycles will it take to execute this code when no data forwarding is used.

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When Read and Write in the same clock - 13


It will take 13 cycles to execute

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When forwarding then 10
but it is not given in the question that WB and ID can overlap, how made you think to assume this ??
Just look into the 21st slide of the given link.
When operand forwarding is not an option atleast we can apply split phase between WB and ID in order to avoid stalls.
Thanks for sharing the slide,it was helpful
Why are you fetching I3 so late? Can we not get it in the 4th cycle, without any problem as there are no other instructions which are fetching instructions.
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11  clock cycle
answered Jun 13 by tsnikhilsharmagate2018 (19,690 points)
15 clock cycle m getting
can anyone share the solution
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When the number of stages in a pipeline aren't given, why do we assume it to be 5?

Suppose if there are only 4 stages(Fetch, Decode, Execte and Write), then the answer will be different.
answered Jun 14 by tsjeganbalajibs (380 points)
Because when nothing is mentioned then classic RISC pipeline is assumed otherwise given in the question
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I still believe that the answer should be 15. @getgatebook can u explain??

My main issue here is that instruction 2 is finished after 8 cycles in the answer selected whereas it should be finsihed after 9 cycles according to me.

There is no such line saying that WB stage is broken into  register read and write.
answered Jun 15 by tssharmaayush361 (440 points)
Reading in decode and writing of write back are not overlapped then there will be many stalls and it is not going to be idle pipeline design. We can always assume that the stages would overlap.
Sir then why have we not used the same concept in between instruction 4 and instruction 5.
How stalls did when Add type of instruction and when load use type of instruction
Refer this

You will get a clear idea for this

as well as there is a question like this on gateoverflow
We should use same idea every where. The correct answer is 13.
@tssharmaayush361 15 is right when WB and Decode can't overlap
see this :