Control Unit - Q15

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Control Signals Status Bits Next Address 1

Next Address 2

A control memory system is implemented as two address format as shown below.
No of control lines are 6.
No of status flags 16
If horizontal microprogramming is used and 32 bit control words are implemented, the no of control words in the control memory is ---?

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6      log_2(16)= 4 log_2(W)= w log_2(W)= w

So control word size = 6+4+2w = 10+2w bits

32 bits of control words are implemented so 

32 = 10+2w 

w = 11

so the number of control words in the control memory = 2^{11} = 2048


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2^11=2048 is correct one
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why not all remaining 22 bits  are being used
i though half of control memory is address by next address1 and half by next address2