Control Unit - Q6

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Let us define control signals, P and Q, that have the following interpretation
PQ = 00  Fetch cycle
PQ = 01  Indirect cycle
PQ = 10  Execute cycle
PQ = 11  Interrupt cycle

Which of the following expression boolean expression defines C_4  ?

(A). \bar P t_3

(B). \bar P \bar t_3 +\bar Q t_3

(C).\bar P \bar Q t_3 + P \bar Q t_3

(D).\bar P \bar Q t_3 + P Q t_3

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\\ C4\ CS\ is\ there\ in\ fetch\ cycle \ \ as\ well\ as\ in\ indirect\ cycle\ section\\ \\ \therefore Boolean\ Expression\ for\ C4\\ C4=P'Q't3 + P'Qt3\\ Since\ No\ option\ is\ matching.\ Let's\ Simplify\\ C4=P't3(Q'+Q)=P't3

Therefore ans should be A.

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A is correct one
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