CO-Basics and ALU-Q12

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Consider the following statements

S1: Booth algorithm handles positive and negative multipliers uniformly

S2: It performs better than the traditional multiplier with respect to the number of additions required when multiplier has few large blocks of ones.

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

(A)Only S1
(B)Only S2
(C)Both S1 and S2
(D)Neither S1 or S2

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2 Answers

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Reason: It is better than array multiplier and sequential multiplier which are unable to handle both positive and negative multiplier uniformly


Reason: For Ex:  if  you multiply these numbers 0101101 x 0011110 by traditional method it will take time but if you convert the multiplier into booth's recoding like 0+1000-10 it will perform better. It is happening because booths method is converting blocks of ones into zeros but still the multiplier remaining the same.
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Both are correct so option c is correct one
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