Aptitude - Question 14

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A ladder leaning against a compound wall makes an angle of 60° with ground.
Shade of a ladder measured exactly at 12 PM is 3.6 m long. 
What is a length of the ladder.
(A) 7.2 m 
(B) 4.6 m
(C) 6.2 m 
(D) 7.8 m
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it is application of trigonometry

cos 60 = shadow length /ladder length

laddar length is 7.2m
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pls give proper solution ... I could not get it
bhai think what will be shadow of ladder ,ladder will form a triangle with wall shadow being its base .
In Cosine, the formula will be base/hypotenuse...right
Yes, and you have been given shadow length. So, ladder length is shadow length x 2=7.2 since cos60=1/2