Aptitude - Question 7

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Choose the grammatically INCORRECT sentence:

(A) They gave us the money back less the service charges of Three Hundred rupees.
(B) This country’s expenditure is not less than that of Bangladesh.
(C) The committee initially asked for a funding of Fifty Lakh rupees, 
but later settled for a lesser sum.
(D) This country’s expenditure on educational reforms is very less.
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2 Answers

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Right answer is D. "Very less" is incorrect. Very little or "much less" could be possible alternatives. Check the below link to know more about it.


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What about sentence A. Should it not be "less than the service charges..."? Please explain.
answered May 13, 2019 by somnathpro20 (160 points)
No, the sentence means, they returned the money after deducting the service charge of 300 rupees. So, the sentence is correct
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