Aptitude - Question 4

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Defence minister said that organization like wikileaks could potentially ____ military operations.
(A) disturb 
(B) strengthen
(C) jeopardize 
(D) promote
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3 Answers

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according to me C
answered May 11 by tsankitjha910 (3,650 points)
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Wikileaks is an organization which leaks confidential information directy to the journalists & indirectly to the public by being anonymous.

Option (B) strengthen & (D) promote can't be the answers. We can directly eliminate these 2 options. 

We have to choose between option (A) disturb & (C) jeopardise .

Leaking confidential military information may pose a threat to military operations.

'jeopardize' means 'pose a threat to' or 'present a danger to'. 

Ans.: jeopardize

answered May 11 by tsrishabh-bafna2 (6,910 points)
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Wikileaks is the website which leaks top secret documents of Governments,military etc. So, if such secret documents are out in the public, it doesnt strengthen or promote military operations. Such leaking doesnt disturb the operations, but actually jeopardizes(poses a threat to) execution of Military operations. So, OPTION C should be the right answer.

answered May 11 by tssarvajitsankar (1,950 points)