GATE BOOK offers following packages to the students depending on the need of the students(For GATE 2018).

Complete Course*  All subject videos + All subject practice questions +Test Series Zero Rs
Single Course*  Single subject videos + All subject practice questions+ Test series  Zero Rs
Test Series  All subject practice questions + Subject wise Grand tests and Mock GATE Tests  FREE

*You can avail 20% discount for group deal on complete course if 5 people join together.

*DSA course price is 2500 Rs

How registration works ?

To register for our any plan you can pay online or you can pay it at the nearest bank then mail  the transaction id or scanned copy of the payslip to once the mail is reached then  your account will be activated within few hours. If it is group deal then mail us your 5 mail ids along with the transaction id or scanned copy of the payslip.

We will send you back the login/password needed to view the course lectures. For any queries related to registration send your phone number to

Below are our account details:

Account Name P. KIRAN KUMAR
Account Number 040901504947
Account Type  Savings
Bank Name ICICI bank
Branch MICROSOFT Branch
IFSC code ICIC0000409