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Why Test series?

  • Many of have the tendency of keep delaying the things unless there is a deadline.
  • We don’t understand the time we have, and time we need to prepare unless there is a schedule.
  • We cant judge ourselves unless we attempt to TEST. As we are starting early, we will have enough time to improve our skills based on the results/ feedback.
  • Some times, we might get the RIGHT answer, but there could be other techniques, which will help to solve the same problem in an easier/faster way. So Its a great time to start knowing the others ideas and techniques from discussion forum.

 Test Series schedule:



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Will be closed for ranking on

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January  21


Mock Gate 2

January 31



*Tests will be available to attempt till GATE 2017, but they will not be considered for Ranking, after the above mentioned closing dates.

Results announcement dates will be updated after closing the exams.