GATEBOOK courses

GATEBOOK provides various courses which are tailor-made to suit different students across the globe who are preparing for GATE.

ProGATE 2019 (Price: 15,000 ₹) 

  1. This course is for those students who are weak in some or all the subjects. Intended for those who are writing GATE in year 2019.
    What you get ?
  2. GATE lectures which teaches the student from basics to advanced level.
  3.  Numerous Practice questions (Error free) which really tests how much you understand the concept.
  4.  Strict schedule for each topic to complete Assignments and coding exercises which motivates you to learn the concepts in practical way. (GATEBOOK is the Only GATE institute in India which does that)
  5. Chance to simulate Mission-IIT batch by sitting at home. 
  6.  Ask any question and get detailed answers with standard references with in one day. 
  7.  Test series with all GATE standard questions but not old GATE questions with zero errors.

           ***Course will expire after June 30 th, 2019

ProGATE 2020  (Price :22,000 ₹)

  1. Intended for those who are writing GATE in year 2019
  2. Features are same as ProGATE 2019 but validity of the course will be till GATE 2020.

        ***Course will expire after June 30 th, 2020

GATEBOOK Test series 2019  (Price: 2,000 ₹)

  1. How much you learn but if you don’t know how to answer the question in 2 minutes or how to leave some questions then you are out of the game.
  2. GATE BOOK test series solves this problem by conducting 100 + tests (Topic wise tests + Subject wise tests + Full length tests)
    Starts from July onward.
  3. You also get Mission-IIT (off-line) as supplement.
    *** It will expire after GATE 2019 exam

Mission-IIT (Offline) (Price: ZERO ₹) (Only for 30 selected students)

We have selected 2 places Hyderabad and Trivandrum for hosting this program. You have to choose one of the places among two as per your convenience.

Please fill below form only if you are a serious candidate and willing to move to Hyderabad or Thiruvananthapuram.

Program begins from July 1st, 2018.

The ultimate goal of this program to create an environment to the students where they never get demotivated by the external inputs, which comes from the bad environment. Then mentored by the Gurus who work closely with them who can impart great deal of knowledge to them.

“Historically there is a huge significance to the environment. Buddha enlightened from a place called Gaya and Arjuna is motivated by the words of Krishna in Kurukshethra. Vishnu sharma taught the great political philosophy to their pupils through animal fables. So we would like to create such place where you will be motivated to focus all your energy on GATE 2019 and not anything else.”

Course details:

  1. We will provide you with GATEBOOK online lectures which can help you understanding the concepts thoroughly.
  2. Schedule will be given so that each day what you need to do is going to be fixed.
  3. On a typical day you need to prepare for the given topic then you will be asked to complete the assignments related to that topic.
  4. Assignments will be carefully given which checks your understanding of that topic in every level. You may be given coding assignments which helps you in understanding some of the tricky concepts and in remembering them easily.
  5. After assignments discussion will be conducted among you people, Arjun Suresh and Kiran Kumar will lead the discussion, clear your doubts and give their insights about each and every concept.

Other important things

  1. Course duration will be for 6 months to 7 months
  2. For accommodation and food 6000 ₹ to 7500 ₹ per month will be charged.
  3. 24/7 Internet will be provided
  4. It will be good if you can bring your laptop/pc/tab along with you.
  5. We are going to conduct screening test for selecting 30 people.
  6. Screening test syllabus : Aptitude, Discrete Maths, Probability,  C programming

*** Exam Date *** June 10, 2018. 4:00 pm

Mission-IIT (Read only) Price: 900 ₹

  1. Schedule will be given. Assignments and practice questions will be provided
  2. The discussions of Mission-IIT will be recorded and provided (If you have any questions then they can not be answered)

Mission-IIT (Read and Write) Price: 5000 ₹

  1. Schedule will be given.
  2. Assignments and practice questions will be provided and evaluated
  3. The discussions of Mission-IIT will be recorded and provided. If you have any doubts related to discussion they will answered.
  4. GATEBOOK Test series will be provided as a supplement
  5. All the doubts which arise in the preparation will be cleared
What if I am not selected by Mission-IIT program but greatly motivated to join this program ?
You can join ProGATE course or Mission-IIT(Read and Write) and can simulate Mission-IIT. The discussions of Mission-IIT will be recorded and provided and you can add comments to the discussion and GATEBOOK team will resolve your doubts.
What is the difference between ProGATE and Mission-IIT(Read and Write) ?
Video lectures are included in ProGATE and they are not included in Mission-IIT(Read and Write)