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2018 Toppers Testimonials

Chandrashis Mazumdar – AIR 9

Sir’s videos are at quite a high level and one should really focus fully on them to grasp the concepts. For example, in CO subject, there are many videos on adder circuits. I found them quite enriching even though they needed a lot of effort on my side. Mam teaches some of the subjects with great clarity as well. For example, if you are learning TOC, her videos are one of the best places to start from. The mock tests of GATEBOOK are great. Speaking of the subject tests, one question on countability came directly from a Mock test question. Overall, a serious aspirant will definitely benefit from GATEBOOK. Thank you…

Nitish Joshi – AIR 14

Hi Everyone, I am Nitish Joshi and I have secured AIR-14 in GATE-2018(CSE). I have enrolled for ‘GATEBOOK Testseries’ and I found it best among all other testseries. GATEBOOK testseries helped me lot during my preparation, GATEBOOK Testseries contain questions that are of matching level with actual GATE exam(not just a copied questions from somewhere). Testseries helped me to recognize my weak and strong areas.
Also I would like to heartfully thank Kiran sir for always being on my side and helping me not only before GATE but also after GATE for post gate suggestion.
For GATE-2019 aspirants, I will recommend to join GATEBOOK testseries, if you are really aiming to excel in exam. Thankyou!

Pritam Dutta – AIR 48

During gate preparation you need people around you who can keep you in right track. Sir and Mam for me was one of those. Sir’s DBMS, TOC, Discrete Maths lectures are of high quality (you can see sample ones in Youtube). Great thing is,Sir right now provides online lectures too .So anyone can take his full course now. Even though I prepared textbooks, I always asked them for help in case of any doubt. Sir and Mam always helped me despite of their busy schedule. In fact I have seen them offering their course for free to some students who are going through tough periods. Finally I would suggest everyone to take test series provided by GATEBOOK. Honestly speaking, if someone take the GATEBOOK test series ,there is no need for any paid test series. It consist standard questions which are on par with gate level.

Shashank Singh – AIR 57

It is my pleasure to express my gratitude to The GATEBOOK for having contributed in my preparation for GATE. Kiran sir’s videos make the subjects quite interesting and easy to follow. His way of teaching through asking many questions appeals to the rational mind of the learner. His videos helped me remain consistent in my preparation and made some difficult topics easy to grasp. The GATEBOOK test series was a quite challenging one. The timing constraint was very tight and this proved to be advantageous in this year’s paper as it too was a bit tight on time. The test series also pushed my limits by letting me compete with some really brilliant aspirants. I am thankful for every bit of it.
I wish all the very best to the future aspirants of GATE CS.

Hemant Parihar – AIR 94

I just love the way Kiran sir, teach. He makes the subject more intuitive rather than just remembering things. His Discrete mathematics videos are the best that I have ever watched. I was very weak in Discrete but after watching his videos, Discrete become my favorite subject.
All subject videos are awesome. Test series of GATEBOOK is also very good. It consists good new questions that really helped me a lot to tackle the new questions in the actual Gate exam. The discussion is also very good in test series. And the best part is doubt solving. Sometimes I’m not able to understand a concept properly and email it to the sir and Kiran Sir make sure that I understand it completely. 🙂
I secured AIR 94 in Gate CSE 2018. Thank you sir to make this happen

Pranjal Kanyal – AIR 111

My journey from a highly dense area to a relatively sparse area, given limited space-time couldn’t have been possible without GATEBOOK. GATEBOOK was the launch pad, the Lectures were the ship and the Discussion Forum was the navigator towards the wormhole leading to the other side. Not to
forget the Test Series which acted as the simulator making ready for the real test.
GATEBOOK is a great platform to learn all computer science subjects. I have benefited immensely from Kiran Sir’s teaching. He teaches every subject in-depth with great explanations, right from the basics. He has made hard topics look easy. The discussion forum on the website is of great help to clear each and every doubt by Kiran Sir himself. The test series is also on par with the Gate exam!
I would like to Thank Kiran sir and the GATEBOOK team for the amazing study content. His approach of making students think about problems and doubts rather than spoon feeding them the solutions is a great way to build logic and develop thinking ability which is required everywhere today. His constant support and guidance kept me from deviating from my path. Thank you Kiran sir , I am very grateful to you. To all the determined future aspirants, Get on the Launch pad, work hard and smart, and reach the other side.

Krishna Tayal- AIR 142

I want to thank Kiran sir for all his efforts. He has the habit of making difficult topics easy to understand. I always enjoyed to learn through Sir’s lectures. I was preparing along with job and all these concepts helped me in job as well. Sir’s way of explaining topics is extremely good. He states the problem in such a way that I used to approach the solution before he actually solve it. He explained every topic in depth and that helped me in cracking GATE.

Anup Patel – AIR 142

Hello Friends, I am Anup Patel , Secured AIR 142 in GATE 2018 CSE , this was my second attempt . In first attempt i had secured AIR 1281 , i had not applied for any college last year except IISc because i know that i can do much better so decided to try for 1 more year with smart approach.
Let me Share a Interview Que by Kiran Sir (This Interview was held after GATE 2017 for GATEBOOK SCHOLARSHIP COURSE) –
Kiran Sir : Prove that sum of 2 Even number is Even
Me : Totally Blank …In mind ( hota hai to hota hai ).. Thinking like WHY HE IS ASKING THIS …

There were some more easy aptitude questions that i was not able to answer . ( That Interview changed my Perception of Questions and Study pattern)
After that day i decided to focus more on concepts and Proofs.
GATEBOOK Played a very Important role in my journey . I had used GATEBOOK test series and Discrete Maths (Available on Youtube) . All questions in test series were conceptual and of GATE Standard .
I would like to thank Kiran sir for always Motivating , supporting and clearing all of my Doubts.

Rachit Agarwal- AIR 157

Hello aspirants,
I secured AIR-157 in GATE CSE 2018. I consider myself fortunate enough to find Kiran Sir so helpful during my preparation. I am thankful for his efforts in making Test Series.
The questions of his test series were really very good, conceptually. His subjective tests were very brain-storming and lengthy. This helps me in dealing tough and lengthy questions strategically.
Moreover, Full-length tests were also very conceptual and balanced. I will suggest every future gate aspirant to attempt his test series present on THE GATEBOOK. This is surely gonna brush up your subject understanding and difficult topics. All the best to every future aspirant of GATE 2019. Hard work, consistency and accuracy is the key to success.