ProGATE for 2020: 12,000₹, for 2021: 20,000₹

  • Complete topic wise video lectures for all subjects to understand every topic in deep
  • Discussion forum to clear all the doubts and interact with fellow aspirants
  • Complete test series with detailed solutions
  • Preparation plan and strategy, along with resources and practice questions for each topic

GATE CS Test Series for 2020: 1,000₹

  • 70 different tests to check and improve the preparation at various stages with detailed solutions
  • 500₹ reward for top 10 performers in each test
  • Complete preparation plan aligning with the practice tests to monitor performance
  • 20 Grand Tests and 3 MOCK GATE tests with GATE level questions

SureGATE Course fee: 18,000₹

  • All features of ProGATE
  • Assignments specifically designed to improve the core concepts in depth
  • Complete schedule which all of the students will be following, to keep them in sync for all discussions and doubts
  • Assignment verification for each student and feedback on what exactly needs to be improved
  • For details check this video

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