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CN Grand Test Toppers (Total students appeared for the test: 286)

Name Marks(Max 40) Rank
Pranjal Kanyal 28.33 1
am430 27.33 2
aakashjsr 27 3
Vijay Thakur 23 4
anusha 23 5
vishwajit_vishnu 23 6
Preetam 22 7
sambasivarao 21.33 8
mohit16 21.33 9
tanmoy 21.33 10

TOC Grand Test Toppers (Total students appeared for the test: 297)

Name Marks(Max 40) Rank
Vijay Thakur 23 1
KD 22.33 2
Shibu38 21 3
anusha 21 4
sambasivarao 20.66 5
pawandeep2155 20 6
anuagi 18.66 7
akashbanerjeeab 18.33 8
am430 17.66 9
Pranjal Kanyal 17.33 10

DBMS Grand Test Toppers (Total students appeared for the test: 572)

Name Rank Marks(Max.100)
Pranjal Kanyal 1 70.33
Vijay Thakur 2 65.66
habibkhan 3 64.66
SouravSingh 4 60.33
anusha 5 58.66
shayak_asansol 6 57
shibu38 7 56
abhishekgate2017 8 55.33
gaurab ghosh 9 53.66
vix28 10 52

Data Structures And Algorithms Grand Test Toppers (Total students appeared for the test: 487)

Name Marks(Max. 100)
Anusha 70.05
Preetam 68.05
Pranjal Kanyal 66.38
Vijay Thakur 65.4
KIRTI 63.38
Dhannjay 59.75
Shibu38 58.4
vix28 57.73
habibkhan 56.41
deebhatia 54.08

Congratulations to all the toppers.  Please post in discussion forum, if you have any queries.

Nothing is Impossible. If I could do then why can’t you ?

Do you think, to get top rank in GATE one should be a child prodigy or a top scorer in every exam he/she has written?

If you say yes then you are absolutely wrong. There are times people put their energy deep from heart and make impossible possible. Ten years ago someone after clearing Engineering final year in the second attempt with second class marks (57%),  decided to crack GATE exam with 1st rank. The World laughed at him and advised to leave the war unharmed and less-damaged. The audacious boy ignored the world for a year and finally achieved what he ever wanted. Got Air 10 in GATE 2006 CS and Joined his dream college IISc.

This is a true story and the boy later trained thousands of students and helped in fulfilling their dreams of studying in IISc/IITs. Now he has come up with the idea of online lectures and assistance which is going to change the way students could ever prepare.